Garage Door Buying Guide

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A garage door is one of the most valuable investments in your domicile.

So it is vital to take into consideration the materials that you will use.

Generally, a garage door is quite different from our own typical doors at home due to its tremendous size and appearance. That is why garage door is described as a kind of shield for our home and vehicles from any danger and thefts. This door is also large enough to accommodate all types of vehicles. Aside from this, it also functions as a workshop, utility or storage area.

So when shopping for your door, here are some factors you need to consider like what type of door you need, the size and style. This will give you an option of choosing the best one for you.


1. Commercial Door

This is commonly used for commercial and industrial purposes like we often see in some factories as well as manufacturing companies. This has a very huge size to accommodate the passage of all types of vehicles particularly trucks and buses within the company. This door is just simple and plain yet, it is a very strong and heavy because it is made of quality materials such as galvanized steel, aluminum and fiber glasses.

2. Residential Door

This is the most common type we have in our houses. The cost of this door is cheaper as compared to the commercial ones.

3. Sectional Doors

This door is unique because of its structure that has 6 to 8 panels and it is so easy to roll up and down. They can come in various designs and colors and are made of light quality materials like aluminum and polythene. This type of door requires just a minimum amount of space, it is still very functional for both commercial and residential purposes.


One of the essential things that you also need to consider when shopping is to determine what size you actually need.


You must be sensible in selecting the style of your door because of the fact that garage doors occupy a large area of your house. Among the major designs could come in four different panels such as Flush panels, Long raised panels, Short raised panels and Window panels.

1. Flush panels- this has a flat panel design and so simple that it can complement your door area.

2. Long raised panels -designed to give depth and clear distinction to your garage entry way.

3. Short raised panels- it is designed with a symmetrical and with a detailed trim that are excellent additions to Victorian home style.

4. Window panels- this could allow natural light to your garage door since painted window panels could be another means to add style to the beauty of your car port door.

So when you plan to construct your own garage doorway, it is wise that you think of the relevant factors that have been presented to you. After all, your garage is still the largest visible and moving part in your home. Its features give an overall impact to general appeal of your house.


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Garage Door Buying Guide

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This article was published on 2011/05/26